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general.pngThe best way to stop our animals from becoming ill is to focus on preventative care. At the Animal Care Center of Gonzales, our staff takes this responsibility seriously. Animals, much like people, need assistance in staying in tip top shape, and our goal is to send your animal home happy and healthy.

Below are some of the general services we offer and a listing of prices:

Feline Annual: $84.95
Includes a thorough physical examination, centrifuged fecal exam, FVRCP, FeLV and rabies

Canine Annual: $104.95
Includes a thorough physical examination, centrifuged fecal exam, rabies, distemper/parvo, to leptospirosis, bordetella, and Heartworm Antigen testing. For the Heartworm Antigen testing, we take great care in running a complete test, rather than what can often times be the standard practice of simply looking at the canine’s blood under the microscope.

Comprehensive Blood Work: $100.95
The cornerstone of the Animal Care Center of Gonzales is preventative medicine. With unexpected costs resulting from an unforeseen illness, it is a less expensive option to prevent diseases before they happen. Your animal can’t tell you when it is sick, and when you see them stop eating, lose hair, or notice a general difference in personality, it can often times be too late. By keeping up to date on blood work, we can prevent illness.

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