surgeries.pngSometimes our animals need a bit more than a regular checkup. When those situations arise, the Animal Care Center of Gonzales is ready to step in and ensure your pet’s health is our main focus.

Below is a listing of the most common surgeries, along with their prices. For prices of procedures not listed, we ask that you call us on 225.644.4411 to discuss rates.

Canine: $107.95 - $154.95*
Feline: $68.95
Canine: $119.95 - $165.95*
Feline: $94.95
Canine: $104.95**
Feline: $99.95**

*Prices for canine Spay/Neuter are weight dependent.

*Prices do not include post-op pain medications that are required after any surgical procedure.

* *Prices for dental procedures do not include tooth extractions, which may be required.

The Animal Care Center of Gonzales is happy to accept Ascension Parish spay and neuter vouchers.

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