surgeries.png Since your pet's health is our main focus, our surgical protocols are bit more involved to ensure your pets safety. Some of these may seem like "no-brainers", but not all Vets routinely do these! Here's how we're different: 

We use Sevoflurane as our gas anesthetic because it doesn't slow the heart rate or lower the blood pressure as much as Isoflurane.  This "safer" gas anesthesia costs FIVE TIMES MORE than Isoflurane!

I.V. Catheters are placed for all procedures requiring general anesthesia.  When your pet is in immediate need of a lifesaving drug, the last thing you want is the Doctor searching for vein!

Continuous real-time electronic monitoring of Heart rate/rhythm, Blood oxygenation, Blood Pressure & Temperature. You can't fix what you can't detect!

Procedures that require anesthesia are NEVER performed with only a Doctor present.  A well-trained Veterinary technician is ALWAYS present to assist the Doctor during the procedure.  This technician also continuously monitors the pet's vitals and alerts the Doctor if emergency intervention is warranted. Our Doctors are good, but why take unnecessary chances with your pet's health?

Post-operative pain medications are REQUIRED for all surgical procedures.  Extensive studies have shown that pet's (& humans) heal faster when pain is controlled. Just because pets show pain differently than humans DOES NOT mean they are not in pain! You wouldn't have surgery without pain meds, so why should your fur baby?

Here's a list of common surgeries, along with their prices. For prices of procedures not listed, we ask that you call us on 225.644.4411.

Neuter (male)**
Canine: $149.99- $219.99*
Feline: $105.99
Spay (female)**
Canine: $175.99 - $239.99*
Feline: $149.99
Dental Cleaning (does not include extractions/X-rays)
Canine: $185.99 - $275.99**
Feline: $144.99 - $210.99**

*Prices for canine Spay/Neuter are weight dependent. 

**Post operative pain packages are not included in these prices.

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